Not Meant for Each Other

Stressful situations often show a couple whether or not their relationship will be long term or end soon, and their first vacation may be the stress they need to make their decision. When everything goes wrong, people show their true personality, and it is not always pretty. Some people take a good look at their partner for the first time, and they suddenly see things they have been ignoring for months or even a few years. After the vacation is over, the couple will generally split up if they find they are not truly compatible.

People invest a great deal of time, effort and emotional resources into a relationship. When it fails, they often choose to take a break from dating to recoup. This is a time for them to decide what they really seek in life, and they may realize the type of partners they have had in the past are not what they want. This is a good way to ensure better luck with future relationships, but it is also a lonely time for those who are used to socializing.

A person who is extremely outgoing will generally have a large number of friends, and they will have little trouble getting back into the social scene. Friends will understand they are not ready to date, but this does not take care of the problem of finding physical intimacy. Being with a partner provides relief of this basic need, so it is best to find someone to fulfill it without investing in another relationship. This is a situation where a fuck buddy is a good compromise.

It is rare today for people to miss the fact there is plenty of local sex available, and people can often be found online to satisfy this need. Fuck buddies are looking for physical relief only, and they are not interested in forming an emotional attachment. For both people in this situation, this is a way to relieve physical pressure without being involved socially.